Liposomal Vitamins

Les vitamines liposomales


Maximum Bio-Availability

You do not digest Nanovitamins, they are absorbed, so that you are taking in almost the entire dose. When you consider the cost per gram actually delivered into the body and cells with no gastric upset, the benefits of Nanovitamins is well worth a little extra cost. Literally, more bang for your buck.

We have been distributing Liposomal Vitamins / Supplements in Canada for over ten years and we are very excited to introduce Nanovitamins. We have recently launched Nanovitamin C, with more formulations to follow, so stay tuned.

Recent clinical trials have demonstrated that Liposomal Vitamins are able to achieve serum levels nearly double those thought possible with other forms of oral vitamins.

It was the two time Nobel prize winner who first employed high dosing of Vitamin C to prolong the lives of terminal cancer patients back in 1978. More recently liposomes have been used in medical research, Supplement and Drug delivery, anti aging skin care and much more.

High dosing with Vitamin C is considered a Nutraceutical/Theraputic therapy but most people can benefit from taking more bioavailable doses of Vitamin C because humans unlike most plants and animals don't make there own vitamin C. Stress, Chemical Exposer, Environment, Electromagnetic exposure just to name a few - are depleting our limited stores and by the time your levels are low, it"s too late - your immune system is weakened and you become sick. Everyone should be supplementing with Vitamin C regularly to avoid getting sick in the first place.

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